Wiki Amalur
Might Ability Tree
Skill Points Required 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
70 Might Ab-Celerity(3/4) Ab-act-Wrath(6/8) Ab-Terror(6/8)
50 Might Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry(3) Ab-Stoneskin(5/7) Ab-Bloodlust(5/7) Ab-act-WarCry(6/8)
35 Might Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry(3) Ab-pas-Bulwark(5/7) Ab-act-BattleFrenzy(5/7) Ab-Vengeance(6/8)
20 Might Ab-pas-ConcussiveForce(5/7) Ab-Aftershock(5/7) Ab-pas-RelentlessAssault(6/8) Ab-Powerstrike(5/7)
5 Might Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry(3) Ab-pas-GreatswordMastery(6/8) Ab-act-Quake(5/7) Ab-pas-AdrenalineSurge(5/7) Ab-HardyConstitution(6/8)
0 Might Ab-pas-BrutalWeaponry(3) Ab-pas-LongswordMastery(6/8) Ab-pas-HammerMastery(6/8) Ab-act-Harpoon(4/5) Ab-pas-SkillfulDefense(5/7)


It is worth noting that almost all abilities' levels can be increased beyond their normal capacity by 1 or 2 levels through the use of equipment which bear "+1/2 to Might Abilities" bonuses and certain twists of fate cards to further enhance their states. For an easier time identifing such bonuses, check out Ability Bonuses.[]

Column 1[]

Brutal Weaponry I[]

[Weapon Attacks] Unlocks Charge special attacks for the Longsword, Greatsword, and Hammer. Next level: Comet Strike - Hold and release the Longsword attack to dash into and slash your foes. Whirlwind - Hold and release the Greatsword attack to unleash a flurry of attacks. Minotaur Rush - Hold and release the Hammer attack to rush down enemies.

Brutal Weaponry II[]

[Weapon Attacks] Unlocks special attacks from Block for the Longsword, Greatsword, and Hammer. Next Level: Phantom Edge - Attack with the Longsword while blocking to duck under enemy attacks followed by a strong slash. Guillotine - Attack with the Greatsword while blocking to perform two heavy slams. Spine Bender - Attack with the Hammer while blocking to perform a devastating kick, hook, and smash.

Brutal Weaponry III[]

[Weapon Attacks] Unlocks special attacks from Dodge for the Longsword and Greatsword. Next level: Horizon Edge - attack with the Longsword while dodging to slice across multiple enemies. Gravedigger - Attack with the Greatsword while dodging to perform a leaping ground strike.

Brutal Weaponry IV[]

[Weapon Attacks] Unlocks special attacks from Parry for the Longsword, Greatsword, and Hammer. Next level: Riposte - After a timed Parry, attack with the Longsword to perform a stylish combo. Gut Thrust - After a timed Parry, attack with the Greatsword to impale and launch your enemy. Crushing Blow - After a timed Parry, attack with the Hammer to lift and smash your enemy.

Column 2[]

Longsword Mastery[]

[Passive] A combination of perfect form and raw strength lend additional damage to your Longsword attacks. +4 Physical Damage with Longswords. +5% Damage with Longswords. Next Level: +5 Physical Damage with Longswords, +10% Damage with Longswords.

Greatsword Mastery[]

[Passive] Your brute strength enables you to wield the Greatsword with spectacular results. Next level: +8 Physical Damage with Greatswords, +5% Damage with Greatwords.

Concussive Force[]

[Passive] Master over the art of blunt trauma grants you increased damage versus Stunned enemies. Next level: +20% Damage vs. Stunned enemies.


[Passive] Your impenetrable defenses often surprise your foes, stunning them as their blows bounce off of you in a fierce melee. Next level: 1% chance of stunning your attacker every time you get hit with a melee attack.

Column 3[]

Hammer Mastery[]

[Passive] Raw muscle and a superb sense of balance makes you incredibly effective with the mighty Hammer. Next Level: +8 Physical damage with Hammers. +5% Damage with Hammers.

Battle Frenzy[]

[Sustained] Go into a berserker rage, dealing greater and greater amounts of damage with each enemy you defeat in a short time. Next Level: +20% Total Damage increase unlocked for your 2nd consecutive kill. Battle Frenzy lasts 10 seconds, each kill resets the duration. Cost: 40 Mana.


[Upgrade] Your unquenchable rage grants you Physical and Piercing Damage Resistance while Battle Frenzy is active. Next Level: +4% Physical and Piercing Damage Resistance during Battle Frenzy.


[Upgrade] Unbridled rage propels you to inhuman speed while in Battle Frenzy. Next Level: +5% Attack Speed while in Battle Frenzy.

Column 4[]


[Active] Smash the ground to cause a tremor, damaging enemies in an area. Cast the spell rapidly in succession to chain up to 3 attacks. Next Level: Each Quake hit does 24-42 Physical Damage. Cost: 14 Mana.


[Upgrade] The final hit of your Quake causes lasting tremors which can Stun your foes, and all Quake damage is increased. Next Level: Quake does 10% more damage and adds a 20% chance for a 3 second Stun to the final hit. Increases Quake Cost: 10 mana.


[Active] Jump skyward, hurling nearby enemies along with you into the air and slamming them back down. Button mash to increase damage. Next Level: Each impulse of Wrath does 50 Physical Damage, final hit does 150 Physical Damage. Cost: 100 mana, +10 per impulse.

Column 5[]


[Active] Snag an enemy and pull it back to you. May have the opposite effect with larger enemies. Next Level: Pull enemies from 14 meters away and deals 15 Physical Damage and 8 Piercing Damage. Cost: 20 Mana.

Relentless Assault[]

[Active] Grants a short-term resistance to interrupt at the expense of armor, allowing you to shrug off blows while taking slightly more damage. Next Level: Relentless Assault lasts 6 seconds, and reduces your armor by 50%. Costs 25 mana.


[Upgrade] Your refined battle techniques allow you to reflect damage back at your opponents whenever Relentless Assault is in effect. Next Level: 10% chance for Reflection.


[Upgrade] While Relentless Assault is in effect, each of your strikes may grant you a measure of renewed vigor. Next Level: While Relentless Assault is active: +20% Chance to steal 22 health.

Column 6[]

Adrenaline Surge[]

[Passive] The threat of immediate death grants you a chance for a surge of health and a short span of greatly increased damage whenever you Health falls below 25%. Next Level: 30% chance to trigger when Health falls below 25%, Restores 20% of your health, +30% Damage for 10 seconds, Cooldown: 300 seconds.

Power Strike[]

[Upgrade] You achieve new heights of focus while an Adrenaline Surge is in effect, increasing your chance to deal Critical Hits. Next Level: +5% Chance to Critical Hit while Adrenaline Surge is in effect.

Column 7[]

Skillful Defense[]

[Passive] Your masterful use of shields greatly increases your damage resistance while blocking. At the highest level, you unlock a special Shield Bash move. Next Level: +6% Damage Mitigation while blocking.

Hardy Constitution[]

[Passive] Your durable nature enables you to survive nearly anything, from sword wounds to magic flames. Next Level: +5% Max health. +3% Elemental Resistance.

War Cry[]

[Active] Let loose a terrifying cry that intimidates enemies, reducing their Damage output. Can be upgraded to knock down enemies. Next Level: Reduces enemies' Total Damage by 10% for 6 seconds. Cost: 15 Mana.


[Upgrade] Your War Cry gains the ability to reduce enemy Armor, opening foes up for your attacks and sometimes causing them to panic. Next Level: Reduces enemy Armor by 10%.

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