Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - Teeth of Naros


Teeth of Naros is the second DLC for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Released on April 17, 2012 on Xbox360, PS3, Origin and Steam.

The Teeth of Naros opens up a brand new area, the Teeth of Naros for the Fateless One to explore - initially as part of a four person exploration team to rediscover the legendary land said to be sacred ground to trolls and named after their god. The Fateless One stumbles upon a lost civilization, the Kollossae of the floating city of Idylla, and his or her actions will forever shape the future of these proud beings.


Once the Fateless One agrees to go along Helyc Crosse's expedition, he/she will not be able to return until reaching the floating city of the Kollossae, Idylla. You can fast travel between locations once you reach the Teeth of Naros to locations on the main game map (there will be a lot of items to sell in this area before you reaching the floating city of Idylla).


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2 new armor sets for each ability branch (total of 6), plus an additional one composed of unique items (total of 3). There are also 2 new unique weapons of every type (2 longswords, 2 bows, 2 staves, etc.), and numerous accessories. The following is a partial list:





  • DLC not yet available on the EU PlayStation Network Store. No official reason has been given.
  • Update: not sure about the rest of E.U., but in Italy was available since 4/25/2012


  • (PS3) - Sometimes when attempting to access the sewer system in Idylla, the game freezes, but the PS3 XMB is still accessible. Quiting the game and loading from a previous save is the only way the only way around this issue.
  • (X360) - During Perpetual Desolation sometimes after finishing "explore the hidden wing" and going back to Secandra, she does not give the next part of the quest. When the Fateless one speaks to the Arkes, he/she will sometimes be "jumped" into Arkes, and will be stuck, the Fateless One will be unable to speak to Arkes as well. Only reloading from previous save can correct this, make sure there are multiple saves the Fateless One can reload from. The quest "School of Hard Knocks" is heavily bugged and will often result in an impossibility to fast travel for the rest of the game, so beware.
  • (PC) - Similar to Her Righteous Fury, the Fateless One will receive a "you cannot fast travel from here" regardless of where he/she is at, trapping the Fateless One in the Teeth of Naros. It is unknown exactly what causes this, as all quests appeared to have been completed properly. Remember to create a backup save before entering the Teeth of Naros.


FIXED!!! Kingdoms of Amalur DLC Quest Not Showing in Quest Log.

  • Fast Travel to "Allestar Tower" 
  • Then walked to "Gohart" / The Town with the DLC Chest
  • On the way walking to between "Stonecandle Mines" and "Gohart" BOTH New DLC Quests "The Legend of Dead Kel" & "The Teeth of Naros" will show up on screen as new quests available in the Quest Log.

It seems all that needed to be done was "WALK" into Gohart, rather than teleport, But if not, 1st finish The Main Quest Line and do as listed above. :) 

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