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The Legend of Dead Kel

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning - The Legend of Dead Kel


The Legend of Dead Kel was the first set of DLC to be released for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It was released on March 20, 2012 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Origin and Steam.

The Legend of Dead Kel takes players to Gallows End, a mysterious island that holds a brand new quest line, multiple side quests, a type of dungeon called "Dverga Fastings," three Twists of Fate, and a handful of previously unseen armor and weapons. The Fateless One also has access to Gravehal Keep - an estate housing a number of backstory-laden characters - as well as new shrines and Trainers.


Once the Fateless One departs for Gallows End there is no returning to the mainland until the Dark Harbor quest is finished!


Missões Principais[]

  • The Legend of Dead Kel
  • What Remains
  • Dark Harbor
  • Until Death
  • An Offering
  • The Exiles

Facção - Gravehal[]

  • Gravehal Keep
  • Restoring Gravehal
  • Gravehal Armory
  • Gravehal Tunnels
  • Gravehal Library
  • Gravehal Gallery
  • Gravehal Tower
  • Beast Training (Quest)
  • Combat Training
  • Scouting Mission
  • Diplomacy
  • Translations
  • Gravehal Paintings
  • Master of the Keep

Missões Secundárias[]

  • An Infestation
  • Coveting Tragedy
  • Justice Done
  • Price of Freedom
  • Scattered Fragments
  • The Expedition
  • The Invaders
  • The Prison Ship
  • Ties that Bind


The items in The Legend of Dead Kel, similarly to other DLC items, have level-based stats. This means that stats (armor, damage) and requirements are generated based on the Fateless One's level when the item is first acquired.

  • Akara's Visage
  • Barbed Necklace
  • Baronett's Blades
  • Beak and Talon
  • Boning Knives
  • Castaway's Armor Set
  • Children of Erathell Armor Set
  • Corsair's Shirt
  • Crown of the Dverga
  • Deckhand Boots
  • Driftwood Sandals
  • Dverga Ornamental Chain
  • Dvergan Armor Set
  • Dvergan Emerald
  • Dvergan Kite Shield
  • Dvergan Swords
  • Elemental Cloak Armor Set
  • Ferox
  • Flotsam Chakrams
  • Fury
  • Handwraps of the Deep
  • Leggings of the High Seas
  • Maelstrom
  • Mysterious Targa
  • Niskaru Blade
  • Ocean's Gift
  • Officer's Cap
  • Porthole Buckler
  • Privateer's Armor Set
  • Red Sky Ring
  • Scuttler
  • Seaglass
  • Signet of the Erathi
  • Skull of Varalin
  • Stonehand Gauntlets
  • Strand of the Shifting Seas
  • Survivor's Armor Set
  • The Crafted Sun
  • The Harpy
  • The Magister's Boatcloak
  • The Mermain's Scales
  • The Spine
  • The Wavemaker
  • Torment
  • Trencher
  • Volcanic Glass Ring


  • Boggart Urchin
  • Faer Gorta Captain
  • Faer Gorta Shipman
  • Root Golem
  • Scav


  • Brigand's Hideaway
  • Cliffbreak Fasting
  • Dark Harbor
  • Flooded Cavern
  • Mudhold Fasting
  • Siren's Den
  • Souldeep Fasting
  • Tidal Pools


  • New Shrines
  • A new home - Gravehal Keep
  • A Beast Training service
  • New Master-level Trainers


  • The chests in Gallows End respawn with the same contents after a time. Chests that had random loot are filled with new items, while scripted chests contain the same loot. This can lead to duplicates of certain items, e.g. parts of the Privateer's Armor Set.
    • Whenever chests respawn, the Fateless One's current level is taken into account. This can provide a source of gear appropriate for every level.
  • In Akara-Tor during The Exiles the companion the player chooses to go with them may not move meaning they will not assist in battles and only return to the players side when the player is too far away which means the player can escape the dungeon but the companion will not making this a game breaking bug.