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  • Talk to Audern Reis outside of the Adessa Forum.  He will ask you to talk to Scholar Nerenne, in the Basilica Gnostra, about a language experiment.
  • Nerenne will have you help calibrate a potion for understanding and speaking multiple languages, and then ask you three questions. Clues to solving the riddles can be found in the book Linguistics found in the bookshelf in the same room, read this before talking to her if you don't want to all out cheat.  Of course, because capilization of a proper name is given in the first answer, it can be figured out rather quickly and the second question to 'where is" is going to generate an "it is in" or "is in" answer and there is only one selection which comes close to providing that format of an answer.
  • The answers are below.
    • 1. Tell me my name: Blfi mznv rh Xovzh Mvivmmv. (bottom right) (Top Right in Re-Reckoning )a reverse cipher (a-z -> z-a) for "Your name is Cleas Nerenne."
    • 2. Where is the Court of Summer: For nay is a shed gent. (top left) an anagram of "In the gardens of Ysa."
    • 3. Where are the Tuatha from: Yzzzzghoi. (top right) a reverse cipher and anagram of Alabastra.


Depending on how well you answer, you'll get varying levels of rewards. If you answer all three correctly, she'll give you:

  • Greater Damage Boost x 2
  • Minor Damage Deflection x 1
  • Master Healing x 2
  • XP and Gold (both level-based ~1500 and 2500 at level 33, for quest completion)