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When entering the town of Canneroc the player will encounter a group of Spiders are attacking the local townsfolk. After the spiders are defeated, the town's leader, Garaner Vernt asks the player to find the local militia captain. He was sent into Webwood to deal with the constant spider threat. The player must meet Garaner outside the town to learn more.


Enter the town of Canneroc and kill the hostile spiders. You will be approached by Garaner Vernt who will inform you about the local situation, but he wants to share something personal so you must meet him near the South Bridge. Simply follow him there and he will tell you his true intentions. He wants to kill Barten so that he can maintain his control over the town.

Venture out in the Webwood and find Shade River Caves south-west of Canneroc. Defeat the enemies there and soon you will meet Barten battling a spider himself. You now have two choices: Tell him of Garaner's betrayal or kill him.

Choosing the first option you will be asked to return to Canneroc where you will receive your reward from Barten: the key to your own house which will start a task named Gossamer End telling you to visit your new home. Additionally, Barten will exile Garaner, whose body can later be found outside one of the town's bridges. Choosing the second option will have the same reward but with a bonus 700 gold from Garaner.


  • Depending on your decisions during this quest you will receive the next two quests from either Garaner Vernt or Barten: Cutting the Threads and the task named Gossamer End requiring you to visit your new home.
  • If you spare Barten and he becomes the town's leader, Garaner Vernt's corpse can be found north-west of Canneroc. To get to it, cross the west bridge closest to the door of Gossamers End, turn right, and loot him.
  • If you go to the Shade River Caves before speaking to Garaner Vernt the second time, Barten will not be in the caves. If you clear the caves beforehand, speak to Garaner Vernt, and then go back to the now-cleared caves, Barten's reaction will be the same, even making the same claims about the deaths of his men.

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