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Once you enter the Arena talk either to Vigor Broadshield, a typical warrior, Aesa Alfarinn, an assassin and the last person is Helga Swanwhite, a sorceress, to fight beside you.

Your opponents are 1 Viper Swordmaster, 1 Viper Daggermaster, 1 Viper sorcerer, 1 Viper Archer Fighter : Holden LaFayette ( mini boss ). Partway through the battle, 3 more Viper sorcerers will join the fight.

Talk to Jakin Madsen to receive your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based ~4600 and 15150 at level 36, and  Kentigan's Respite & Gentleman's Courtesy) and end this quest.


  • The rewards do NOT change depending on the person you chose to fight beside you.
  • Level-dependent gold, Purple Chest Gear - Gentleman's Courtesy (Might 44, +10% Melee Block Efficacy, +15% Dmg, +95 Health), and Purple Leg Gear - Kentigan's Respite (Finesse 43, +5% Crit Hit Dmg, +10% Armor, +15% Bleeding Resistance, +5% Gold Drops, +5% Exp Bonus).
  • Recommended to go into Reckoning mode to get max exp., then fight the Arena Battle Board fights to get up your Fate before starting the next quest.
  • The Viper Sorcerer is wearing the House of Ballads Armor Set which is curious because the Fateless One is supposed to be the only mortal member of the House of Ballads (Faction).