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Welcome, stranger. There are always prayers to Mitharu, but few answers -- save those from Reddle Mane. Have you come to help?


He is in charge of the contract board of the Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa.


He can be found at the Hospitalis Quarters in Adessa.



  • Abblier seems to be a follower of Mitharu as he refers to him often and how the deeds performed by the Fateless One will bring fortune and how Mitharu smiles on them.


It is one, of sorts. It is a board of petitions made by those of the Hospitalis Quarters. I keep it, for the good of this place.

when asked "Is this a job board?"

The gnomes do not keep the faith of Mitharu. That much is enough for me.

when asked about Adessa

Mitharu is the great Order of the World, who grants purpose and structure to all life. Mitharu and Reddle Mane guide my work.

when asked about Mitharu

Reddle Mane has much, but he understands that he cannot enact the change that could help us without jeopardizing all of our safety.

when asked about Reddle Mane