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Abilities are special combat talents that can be learned through leveling up in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.

There are three different trees of abilities: Might, Finesse and Sorcery. Each tree has activated and passive abilities related to the different play styles that the game enables, and it is possible to have abilities from all the three trees, leading to many choices of gameplay. Adding points to any of the trees will potentially unlock Destinies that reward the Fateless One with additional passive abilities whether they allocate deeply (in one tree) or widely (in two or three trees).

There is also a special ability that any Fateless One has: the Fateshift.

Ability trees[edit | edit source]

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has a character system with three classes or trees. These three class trees are: Finesse, Sorcery, and Might. The player can allocate points in any or all of three trees and can change them at any time.

Once the game starts, the Fateless One has three abilities, one from each tree: Longsword Mastery (Might), Assassin's Art (Finesse), and Storm Bolt (Sorcery).

The Fateless One will receive 3 points to spend on abilities each level for a total of 123 points, which is enough points to max out a single tree. Spending a certain amount of points on a specific tree also unlocks new abilities on higher tiers (rows) and new Destinies.

Might[edit | edit source]

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Might is the warrior ability tree in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The warrior uses Longswords, Hammers, Greatswords, and shields. They rely on brute strength, heavy armor, and high defense to vanquish their enemies in battle. Might skills focus on increasing the strength and defense of the warrior, from increasing their resilience to bringing them back from the brink of death to giving their attacks temporary bonuses.

Finesse[edit | edit source]

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Finesse is the rogue ability tree in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The rogue makes use of Daggers, Faeblades, and the Longbow as well as bombs and traps. This tree unlocks Assassin's Art which enhances the damage of sneak attacks. The primary damage effects of the rogue are poison and bleeding.

Sorcery[edit | edit source]

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Sorcery is the "mage" ability tree in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The sorcerer uses staff, chakrams, and the sceptre, which deal fire, ice or lightning damage. Many magical abilities are unlocked in this tree: elemental spells to wreck your enemies, summoning a minion to help in battle, or healing your injuries.

Types of abilities[edit | edit source]

There are two basic types of abilities: active and passive. There are two other sub-types: sustained and upgrade.

Passive abilities[edit | edit source]

Bulwark - an example of a Passive ability.

Passive abilities are abilities that, once unlocked, are always on. They often give additional damage or effects depending on the weapon or damage type. Passive abilities also unlock moves or special attacks. Passive abilities are indicated on the ability tree by a square icon.

Upgrade abilities are passive abilities that improve a specific ability.

For a list of Passive abilities, see Category:Passive Abilities.
For a list of Upgrade abilities, see Category:Upgrade Abilities.

Active abilities[edit | edit source]

Elemental Rage - an example of an Active ability.

Active abilities must be activated to be used. Some do a one-time burst of damage, while others require two-part activation for the full effect. They require mana to be activated. Active abilities are indicated on the ability tree by a circular icon and can be dragged to the abilities bar or mapped to the UI for quick access.

Sustained abilities are active abilities that can be toggled on or off by the player. When on, they act like a passive ability but uses a constant percentage of the Fateless One's total mana until turned off.

For a list of Active abilities, see Category:Active Abilities.
For a list of Sustained abilities, see Category:Sustained Abilities.

Ability bonuses[edit | edit source]

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Some items and several Twists of Fate provide bonuses to unlocked abilities. These bonuses can improve some abilities beyond the values attainable by assigning points to them alone. For example, a character with all 5 points in Skillful Defense has 20% better blocking; with 5 points and a +1 bonus to Might abilities, blocking is increased by 25% instead. Not all abilities improve beyond their normal limits. Yellow arrows indicate that a bonus is increasing that ability but only the number of points allocated will be displayed.

Fateshift[edit | edit source]

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Fighting enemies earns you Fate Energy that lets the Fateless One enter the "Reckoning” mode, that makes them significantly stronger by manipulating the threads of fate.

Reckoning mode can be activated once the Fateless One's Fate Energy meter is at maximum.

Once in Reckoning mode, it is possible to unleash the Fateshift attack, a fatality-like move that deals great amounts of damage.

Moves[edit | edit source]

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Moves are basic and special attacks with a specific weapon and/or shield. The types of special attacks are: charged, block, dodge, delay, and parry.

Basic moves are available to the Fateless One from the start and explained in the tutorial. Special moves are unlocked through passive abilities.

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