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"This island is quite fascinating, all the magic swirling about."


Adeline Kirk is a sagecrafter from the Scholia Arcana that the Fateless One can find and rescue on Gallows End. She was part of a research expedition of mages from the Arcana, to see if they could open a hole in the ocean. Unfortunately the hole formed, then swallowed their ship and killed everyone onboard but Adeline.


  • Adeline is on the west side of the Jawbone.


  • She can be directed to either Gravehal Keep or Cape Solace- inviting her to Gravehal is necessary to advance the quest Master of the Keep.
  • There's a Root Golem nearby, so be prepared to fight that in order to get to her.
  • Adeline will approach the Fateless One on the throne to ask them for a sample of Akara's essence- it's a simple quest, just go stand on the spot where you first received the Scion blessing.
  • Adeline will also comment her luck upon meeting her if you became the new archsage.