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Ruled over by a council of enigmatic and calculating figures, games of politics go hand in hand with the pursuit of knowledge. The city is still being built, and seems to be under constant construction.


Adessa is made almost exclusively of sandstone and glass, possibly due to the large amount of sand from the vast Detyre deserts surrounding the town and its buildings.

City Architecture[]

The city has been built in such a way that it is divided into two levels: The Walls and The Isles.

The Walls[]

The Walls are home to the assistants, the mundane researchers like myself. We strive to ensure that the institutions of the isles are optimally supported. -- Eric Porthe

If The Isles are the gem of the city of Adessa, The Walls are the socket that provide them with support and the means to function. The research conducted in the Laboratories fuels the work in the Basilica Gnostra, the transactions in the markets, Arcadium and Grand Bursars provide the economy of Adessa necessary for operations of The Isles, and all of the studies and findings from the workers in The Walls fills the books of the Livrarium.

Those who live and work in The Walls are of low, middle and upper-middle class status.

The Isles[]

Undeniably the showcase of Adessa, the output and result of all the hard work that takes place in The Walls. Very few "longlegs" tread here, as a certain clearance is allowed for non-gnomes to wander about. The gnomes undoubtedly strive to protect all their material representations of knowledge and magic, and The Isles is the true heart and soul of these operations.

While not much actual labor and study takes place in The Isles, it is evidenced in the buildings here: from the tomes in the Livrarium to the advanced studies in the Basilica Gnostra.

Mostly gnomish folk of upper and upper-middle class can be found here, having gained the proper reputation or status to be allowed to work in the facilities of The Isles.


Located in the southeastern corner of Detyre, Adessa is the center of Gnomish civilization in the Faelands, its grand library a repository of the world's history and lore.


Job Board Quests[]


  • As soon as the Fateless One enters the city of Adessa, they are immediately greeted by Cenner Bruge and given the home, Sandstone Villa. From here the Fateless One is able to investigate who is tracking them in Adessa. Just outside of the city is a traveler camp.