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Another chapter from Galenun Hegem's memoirs, the mason who designed Adessa.


Chapter IV: The Domus Politica

What bounty is there in gifts that are not shared? How are we to know we are graced if none are there to grace us?

Diplomacy has always been the way of my people, to bear treaties and words instead of swords. As we progress in the studies of magic and philosophy, should we not endeavour to share these gifts with races less apt and forward-thinking than us?

And so I had them construct the Domus Politica -- a place centered not on focusing our ingenuity inwards, but out. A home of scribes and letters, where truces and compromises reign.

The city was taking shape, and our prosperity was already becoming due. And with that, it became clear of the need of a way to manage the trade and assets we had constructed here. And so work began on the Grand Bursar's.