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Another chapter from the memoirs of Galenun Hegem, the mason who designed Adessa.


Chapter V: The Grand Bursar's

When I was an apprentice, my master gave me a piece of advice that I never forgot. He told me that the key to fostering the best of someone was to eliminate their needs. A mind cannot be brilliant if it is concerned for survival, or burdened with worry.

And so, to get the best out of Adessa's minds, I endeavored to create the institution that would see to their needs for the entirety of their lives -- the Grand Bursar's. It was to supply and manage all of the city's finances, so that our scholars and templars might not burden their great minds with such minutia.

And like all things that my race has put its mind to, the Bursar's has performed admirably. We were quickly seen by merchants as far as Rathir as stable means of housing investments. And our bankers were quick to revolutionize the financial structures previously employed by our society.

With our needs to I could see that the Bursar's would only serve half of our needs. Which led to the construction of the Arcadium.