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"I wandered the forest for many seasons listening to Lorestones of the great ballads. Before that, I dwelled in the Gardens of Ysa. I prefer the quiet of this village, the mirth of the witless."


Aery is an uncommon fae that is particularly interested in the ways of the mortal lifestyle. She stays in a hill overlooking the town, trying to learn more about the "dustlings". She is, for example, fascinated by the reactions of Gizela Wulflac, a supposed widow that lost her husband in the war.

It's also notorious that she doesn't have a good relationship with the House of Ballads.



Aery can always be found on the bluff above Gorhart Village.


We are kin to the seasons and cycles of all life, to new life and perpetual growth.
Mortals may view the warmth of the petals, and smell the beauty of a newborn bud, but only Fae know the strength of the roots beneath the surface.
I find them so interesting, from their vestments to their odd habits and demeanor. Just yesterday I saw a monk from the Almain mission sneaking through the underbrush. Strange creatures you are. Strange, but glorious.

when ask about mortals.

Additional Info[]

Aery cannot die, even if she was killed by wolves or boggarts, she will still come back.