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"I guess you're the latest addition to the team. They made me fight a boar last time. It was downright embarrassing."

Aesa Alfarinn is the youngest member of the Crows, and a rogue style fighter. According to him, he's always wanted to join the Warsworn, and started competing in Valor Arena to get some experience under his belt. When asked, the other Crows both agree that he's as green as they come to fighting, but decent with a dagger.


In the prepatory room for the Arena before every fight, or on the ledge above the Arena after the Championship fight.


The House of Valor questline.


  • After the Championship battle is through and the Fateless One is the new Grand Champion, Aesa says that he'll finally go and join the Warsworn, boasting that he'll have to fight something Niskaric to be surprised anymore- however, he only moves to the ledge over the Arena the old Grand Champion's team used to occupy.
  • Though Aesa Alfarinn wants to join the Warsworn, if the Fateless One betrayed the Warsworn, he will be entirely ignorant of the matter and will not be hostile.