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1140–1252 AE (4416–4528 NW)


The collapse of the Hyperian Empire left two opposing world powers in its wake: the Amaranthine, a new alliance of the kingdoms of Fortenmar; and the Concordance, a federation of the western kingdoms that had endured for a thousand years. Tensions rose as old rivalries reignited—the Almain and Jottun plunged into open warfare on the Fatcrow Plains, a bitter conflict that threatened to pull their allies into a global war.

Seeking to diffuse these hostilities and foster peace, the gnomes established a political organization called the Gathering. Intended as a forum for diplomacy, it received only token support from most of the great kingdoms. The gnomes' effort seemed likely to unravel at any moment.

Amidst this era of uncertainty, magic in the world reached new heights of potency. Arcane forces seemed to manifest on their own, taking form in new and sometimes fearsome ways. This rising tide of magic infused a new generation of heroes, giving unprecedented control of magic to some while others manifested physical abilities beyond any known to mortals of ages past.

In the dark places of the world, ancient powers were stirring, waiting to reveal secrets long forgotten. Amalur stood upon the precipice of great change yet again, facing a threat unlike any the world had seen before.

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