456–1 BE (2821–3276 NW)

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Though the kingdoms of Amalur had reached new heights of prestige and prosperity during the Age of Arcana, much of that progress would be washed away by the Age of Ruin — a time of darkness, disease, and relentless warfare that would envelop much of the known world.

Major cities were sieged, sacked, and destroyed; supply lines and trade routes were abandoned; pestilence and plague killed untold masses across Amalur. Centers of learning and knowledge were wiped out, plunging the world into centuries of ignorance and fear. During this age, knowledge beyond measure was lost, and an untold number of precious artifacts were destroyed.

The choices made by many of the world's great kingdoms — retreating for self preservation, abandoning old allies, or taking a direct role in the conflict — would lay the groundwork for hostilities and hatred that would fester for centuries to come.

Thankfully, small pockets of civilization survived and would eventually unite to drive back the darkness and establish a new era of rebirth.

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