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Yeah? What's a wanderer like you want, cutting tongues with me? Ain't no merchant, berk.


Agraivin Hand is a member of the Travelers. He is looking for keys to the various prisons located in the faelands to help fellow travelers out of trouble.


Agraivin can be found in Star Camp in Dalentarth.



She may not understand everything about us, but she watches over everyone in camp. Star Camp is lucky to have her.

when asked about Crilgarin, Knave of Coins.

Like under the stars, warm nights - a man could do worse. And we're close to civilization, if we need be.

when asked about Star Camp.

We're the ones that survive everything: stragglers and beggars. Be it war, unrest or famine; it pays to live on your feet.

when asked about the Travelers.

Once completed 'The Guided Hands':

Well, you've got a lively bit of swagger about you, Traveler. Fancy on helping me with a bit of work?
It's keys I need, berk. Prison keys. The Travelers're getting locked up in record numbers. I'm not one to sit around with my mouth agape. Getting these keys could save a Traveler from the noose. But to get them... you'll need to get to jail yourself.

when asked: What do you need help with?

Talk's one thing, berk. You bring me those keys, and then I'll know that you decided to do it.

if you accept the task.

Pleasant travels, berk.