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A pack of two legs gave me this name, but they would not give me help! They hit me and drove me away, just for eating their tasty meat-birds... but what did I do wrong?


Ainmhi is a wolf who has been cursed by some spiteful sprites into a human's body. He pleads for your help to change him back to his natural form. A drink from the Wandering Well should restore him.



He can be found in the eastern half of Odarath, near Yolvan.


Two-legs! Please, help me! Other two-legs are cruel - they will not help, though I am cursed!
I was cursed by three sprites who were bored. Had I fang and claws, I would shred them like meat-birds! My brothers and sisters think me but another two-legs now, and will not suffer my approach! I am without a pack! But, it is worse than that. Your two-leg life is unbearable! Like these strange things called... pants. How do you tolerate them?

when asked about his Curse.

You must mean the fair folk. Yes. They are north of here, deep under the shade of Yolvan. Their smell... it is unusual, green...

when asked about the House of Ballads.

Hunters, like me, two-legs. Their blades are their teeth, and they fight for their kin until the last breath.

when asked about the Warsworn.

It is good for the hunt, this wood of smell and shadow. As a two-legs I cannot stalk, cannot prey. The blood-lust... it is agony.

when asked about Yolvan.

I now go to the wilds and re-join my pack. And now you may continue on your path - but with the knowledge of how to fight with the strength of a wolf.


Some fans speculate that Ainmhi is a reference to Wolfbrothers [1]from Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time. In the book, one of the characters encounters a Wolfbrother who, much like Ainmhi, is believed to be insane and speaks as if he is a wolf. Wolfbrother's eyes are also golden, just like Ainmhi.