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A pleasure, I assure you. I have been supplying scholars and students alike for many a year. Those rare and potent marvels unavailable within their compound, I am happy to supply.


Alabon Llyrgryf is a Dokkalfar merchant who can be found in Rathir selling mage items. He supplies members of the Scholia Arcana from his small stall.

As a general merchant, Alabon is one of the more upscale, pricey Rathir vendors and sells specifically sorcery/magic-oriented weaponry, armor, elite potion consumables, a few valuable gems, and relatively uniquely for Amalur merchants, certain exotic, "tricky", idiosyncratic trinkets or charms, with unusual effects that require a more than meets the eye analysis on the part of the player:

Specific inventory - weaponry:

  • Ebony Sceptre (2x utility gem sockets)
  • Archmagus' Staff of the Avalanche (rare: +2 to Sorcery Abilities))
  • Scorching Staff of Devouring (rare)
  • Shocking Staff of Ferocity (rare)
  • Enforcerer's [sic] Sceptre (rare)
  • Shocking Sceptre of the Storm
  • Glacial Staff
  • Staff of the Wildfire
  • Shocking Sceptre
  • Oak Staff


  • Savant's Robes of Haven (rare)
  • Boundless Talisman of Haven (rare: +20% Damage Resistance)
  • Impenetrable Talisman of the Indomitable (rare)
  • Mage's Talisman of Combustion (rare)
  • Wise Shoes of Fire Warding (rare)
  • Robes of Storm's Bite (rare)
  • Savant's Cowl
Potions (Consumables) Consumables


Alabon Llyrgryf can always be found in his stall in Rathir - Lower City.


Do not miss Llyrgryf's many marvels!
Curios, Talismans, items of power!
Students of magic! Masters of spells!
Mages worth their salt buy from Llygryf's.

upon your first encounter with him.

To be honest, I never actually passed the initiation trials. An oversight, I assure you! Arrogant fools.

when asked about the Scholia Arcana.

Lyria's city! Magic runs through its veins, echoes in its courts and byways. And I - I do my modest part.

when asked about Rathir.

Magic's mistress and goddess of fate, which is naught but magic's deepest weave, after all.

when asked about Lyria.

Go forth! Live boldly! Then return to me.