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Welcome stranger. I am Alder Malloi, and you've arrived at Cape Solace just in time.


Alder Malloi is the leader of Cape Solace and basically a high priest of Akara. He fervently believes in the will of Akara and attempts to make all castaways who've arrived and manage to make it to the village a believer in Akara as well. He is married to Bridgette Malloi and they both have a daughter who was born and raised on Gallows End, Nina Malloi.

Before his arrival to the island, Alder was a thief and scavenger, stealing and taking whatever he could to survive. When he crashed on the island, he met Bridgette and the two of them worked together to eek out a living. Eventually founding Cape Solace as a true village, and started the worship of Akara who protected the village. He believes that everyone has to pitch in and do something in the village in order for it to survive and tries to force the practice of worshipping Akara on others. If they fail to proof their worth, refuse to worship their savior, or their behavior is deemed inappropriate, he has no qualms exiling that person/people from the village.

He and Bridgette fell in love and married, eventually having Nina and raising her. Alder and his wife want their daughter to take over leading the village when the time comes. But Alder understands her wish to leave the island and explore the world, but as long as Dead Kel is around, no one will ever be able to leave the island.

When the Fateless One arrives, he greets them wholeheartedly to the island. When he learns of his/her mission, he believes it is an impossible quest, but welcomes the chance to be free of the terror of Dead Kel and his Hanged Men. He sends the Fateless One out to meet Quay, a Fateweaver who's been on the island even before him and Bridgette.

When the Fateless One returns to him informing that someone in the village is planning to interrupt the offering to Akara, he scoffs at the idea, believing nothing will happen. But once the Fateless One returns with news of Bridgette being possessed by the Whispering Witch, his faith in Akara is shattered and he becomes a shade of a man he once was.


He is found at Cape Solace.



  • When Pima spreads false rumors about Tari's mother, he quickly exiled them from Gallows End, setting them out on a raft.
  • Oddly enough, despite the fact that Padrig Dower doesn't follow the worship of Akara, nor does it appear that he actually does anything around the village, he tolerates him.
  • He exiled Nesta Gwynedd and her husband Cadwallon because she refused to worship Akara despite the fact that they had set up a garden and helped to fill the stores of the village.