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"I didn't wreck here- I escaped those damn Tuatha. Better to be here than having to fight with them, day after day."

Tragedy follows Aled Powell. He is a soldier, previously of the Crystal War, and the only surviving member of both his immediate family and his original military unit. And, thanks to Dead Kel and Gallows End, also of his current unit.


Aled can be found in the course of the Master of the Keep quest series, while the Fateless One is exploring the Tidal Pools on Zefwyn Lan's dare. He's delighted to see someone who isn't trying to kill him, and even more so if the Fateless One offers up Gravehal Keep as a place to rest his head.

Once at the keep, Aled can be found in the Armory.


  • After being rescued, Aled has been spending his time thinking about his dead comrades. He will come before the Fateless One as a supplicant in the Master of the Keep quest series, asking permission to die like his brothers in arms have. Whether he had suicide in mind or death by combat is unclear. Just reassure him that he's needed, and he'll drop the subject.
  • No one really mentions why he offers merchant services. One explanation is that he doesn't have anything else to do on the island.
  • Aled sells the Castaway Armor set.
  • Even if Zefwyn Lan's dare is immediately completed due to having explored the Tidal Pools earlier, Aled can still be found in the cavern, and will eventually need to be recruited to advance the Master of the Keep quest.