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A small earring worn by Alfar soldiers as a memento of their Homeland.


Alfar Earrings are found on the corpses of Alfar soldiers scattered across The Midden. Kreger the Devout tasks the Fateless One with collecting and returning these earrings to him for the task In Memoriam. There are reportedly 39 earrings to be found and returned.


Alfar Earrings can be looted from corpses scattered across The Midden.


  • Best advice is to start at the top of the hill next to the Lorestone and slowly make your way along every edge within this area.
  • 15 corpses can be found in the central area immediately south/southwest of the large bone pile
  • 17 Corpses can be found in the exterior area East of  the camp path wrapping up toward Tinehil and the jump point
  • 7 Corpses can be found in the area West of the camp path past the water filled area
  • There seem to be no corpses in any areas filled with water. (actually there are two near the waters edges).