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Ain't no worries in Star Camp. Living free in the world with no master -- save the Hierophant. But we make do.


Allon Vennt is an almain traveler found in Star Camp.


Crilgarin's toothsome, aye? For a Fae, I mean. Maybe I've been in the woods a bit too long...

when asked about Crilgarin, Knave of Coins.

Place dedicated to the worship of Mitharu. The missionaries keep a peaceful life, but they've a few tensions boiling over there...

when asked about St. Eadric's Mission.

These woods can be hard on us mortals, with the Fae trickery and like. I think we've managed a well bit for ourselves, however.

when asked about Star Camp.

The Travelers are the way life should be for a bloke in these lands. Don't need a war to care about, or a bed to cry in.

when asked about the Travelers.

Go, already!