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Aluck is a high strung Winter Fae, who doesn't even bother with greetings before he introduces his quest to the Fateless One. He will also notify the Fateless One of another sidequest in Glowlode Mine, where Esha is rallying a few Ashmoor survivors for escape. Upon completion of his Gask quest, Aluck will tell the Fateless One about a prophecy that may concern them.


Fretting in the ruins of Ashmoor.



  • You must hurry. There is much to do. Gask and his forces are preparing to march. They know about the caves and will not cease until every last one of us has been slain....
  • ( After the Fateless One kills Gask ) I...I am amazed. I dared not speak of it, but there are prophecies of a mortal who would herald our kind's passing. While the defeat of Gask will count as a victory against the madness of Gadflow, I wonder if it is a harbinger of darker nights ahead.