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You must be the messenger. Let's keep this quick, shall we? Do you have the Ambassador's daggers?


During the quest Uprising, he is a courier hired by Ambassador Brenner to deliver the Varani daggers to the War Captain, should you choose to work for Ambassador Brenner rather than assassinate her.

He will be waiting in the Golden Plains Inn at Ayten for the daggers. He appears to be more than a hired courier, as he knows of Brenner's storied military career and was thusly shocked at her retirement to diplomatic duties in Ysa.


Alvar is found on the second floor of the Golden Plains Inn in Ayten. After completing the quest Uprising, he departs the inn and can be found thereafter in the Seafoam Tavern in Rathir.



Her reputation's bigger than her boat. When I heard she'd taken a diplomatic position, I just about choked on my tongue.

when asked about Ambassador Brenner.

I'd never want to end up being trapped in there like that. I like my skies blue and my air fresh. Nothing natural should be so closed off.

when asked about the Gardens of Ysa.

True, it's a city packed to the walls with Alfar, but it also has the best dames and drinks in all of Amalur. If you know where to look, that is.

when asked about Rathir.

What is it you want to know? We're a fiercely protective people. We see what should be done and we do it. Mistakes can be made if it leads to success.

when asked about the Varani.