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This is not a life I chose, here in this fetid swamp of a city. I was raised on the sea, an adventurer and warrior. I survived, and that made me what you see before you.


She is the Varani ambassador to the Fae of the Summer Court. She, like Ambassador Odvar, are annoyed at High King Titarion for his continued neutrality in their war against the Tuatha Deohn.

Brenner doesn't like the company of the other races, especially the Alfar, acknowledging that they have strong warriors, but lack the cohesion and spine to actually do anything. She is very abrupt and rude to any non-Varani in general, but is willing to work with them as long as it goes along with her goals.


Brenner is usually located in the Varani wing of the Embassy Hall in Ysa. Though she is well known to take a stroll around Ysa at night.



I am Ambassador Brenner. If you wish to deal with the Varani, I am your contact.
They don't deserve the breath I waste on them. There are powerful warriors in their ranks, but as a group they share no collective spine. They have no reason to fight.

when asked about the Court of Summer.

I do not enjoy this position: talking instead of fighting, speaking of the enemy instead of facing them. But I have a job to do, and I will do it.

when asked about the Embassy Hall.