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Like most of my kin, I have humble roots. My parents were both trappers on the Snaketail River, feeding much of Whitestone village back before it fell on hard times.


He is the Almain ambassador to the Fae of the Summer Court.

Ambassador Kulder can sell the player one of three Titles for around 2.3k Gold. After the Fateless One has purchased a Title, the guards around Ysa will introduce him/her using his/hers title whenever they enter a room.


Ambassador Kulder can be found in Felltown at the Embassy Hall in the Gardens of Ysa.


Hello. I am Ambassador Kulder of the Almain. We may be new to the region, but we are just as involved in matters of the Fae, and the war.
It is simply an honor to be here. We Almain are doing our part for the war effort, but there are plenty of other relationships to forge far from the battlefields.

when asked about the Almain in Ysa

Despite my position as Lead Ambassador to the Summer Court, I am an outsider. There is bad blood between some of the races. As a result, I try to steer my own course.

when asked about the Embassy Hall.

I do not wish to speak ill of other diplomats, but Ambassadors Keen and Brenner of the Alfar and Varani are plotting against each other. As if we needed more deception.

when asked about the "Bad Blood".

See you later, friend.