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You think I want to be here, stuck in this giant vegetable? Never. My mother volunteered me for this position, and I had no choice. I have a young soldier back home who waits for me. But can I be with him before he sails? No. I have to administer to the Fae.


She is the Ljosalfar ambassador to the Fae of the Summer Court.

Volunteered by her mother to administer to the Fae in Ysa, Mandolph is a young Alfar who would rather be with her young soldier boyfriend.

Depending on the Fateless One race, you may purchase a title from her.


Ambassador Mandolph can always be found in Felltown at the Embassy Hall in the Gardens of Ysa.


Let me guess, you're here to buy a title? No? A bribe, is that what you want? Listen to me. I am no one's plaything. I... I apologize. Forgive me. Sometimes the work in this place is too much. I thought Ysa would be different, but it's just another nest of snakes.
I don't believe the Fae see the Ljosalfar and the Dokkalfar as separate groups. They tend to view the world in strict generalities, along bloodlines and origins. Sometimes working alongside the Dokkalfar is difficult, but we have an arrangement: they adhere to their goals and methods, and we adhere to ours.

when asked about the Alfar in Ysa.

The war is the only reason I'm not still resisting my appointment. Something must be done, you know it as well as I do. The Fae must help. Who knows our enemy better?

when asked about the Crystal War.

Do yourself this one favor and leave this place as quickly as you came. It's a den of deceit and malice. You don't want friends like these.

when asked about the Embassy Hall.

Bye then.