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"You must be the great liege that Paddy has been talking about. He kept going on and on about how magnificent and benevolent you are. Honestly, I just agreed to move up here to get out of the wind. That town on the cliff was a bit breezy."

Ambrose Flora becomes available as the Fateless One's personal merchant after Padrig completes the first upgrade on Gravehal Keep, and will set up shop in the courtyard. She's got a good variety of potions available if you need to stock up, and sells the Elemental Cloak armor set. She'll even flirt with the Fateless One, joking that she isn't for sale when asked about herself.

Upon being questioned about the wreck that marooned her on Gallows End, she will tell of being struck by a second ship with a name beginning with 'C'. Captain Brattigan's ship is named The Calamity.