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This key will open a corresponding statue of the legendary fae trickster, revealing its secrets.


Amman's Key - Autumn, along with the corresponding keys of Summer, Winter, Spring, and Esharra, open specific treasure chests around Dalentarth.


Amman's Key - Autumn is found in a treasure pile in Waterhall Down during Crisis of Faith and can be found regardless whether or not the quest is running. It seems that once Crisis of Faith has been concluded the key is found in the Fae cache at the Ballads Oratory (see below).


Amman's Key - Autumn is a quest item for Statues of Amman.


This is a mirror of the list at Statues of Amman.

  • The chest is located roughly in the southeast corner of the Eastern Odarath region. Make your way south over the river, across the eastern bridge. When you come to a fork in the road, go down the south path. Keep walking while looking left off of the path; the statue is very close to the road, next to a tree.