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This strange scroll was found in the Archsage's mind.


Archsage Ephraim has taken me into his confidence once more, though I do not know why. Where I to appraise my skills honestly, I have only a tolerable competency (and interest) in gemcraft and alchemy. I've found some small enjoyment in the art of creating and dispelling wards. But there is only one application of the craft that I truly find myself attracted to and the master of: battle magic. At first, it was no small shame of mine that, unlike the scholastic brethren I trained with for the majority of my life, I did not wish to live my life always in the library. My father, from what little I recall of him, lived part of his life as a warrior, and I suppose that blood was passed down to me. But still, what use would I be as an apprentice to the Archsage of our order? Should that rank not go to a better-rounded student of magic? I know little of the Archsage's duties - indeed, I believe it was my inquiries regarding this ignorance that first brought myself to Archsage Ephraim's attention - but should they not act as custodian to the whole business of the order, and not merely one part of it? There are many better candidates amongst my peers (who, upon noticing Archsage Ephraim's increased attention to myself, have made similar claims in less-polite terms) to be fostered by one as the Archsage. I do not wish a chain of ink and parchment on myself. As long as magic changes, there will always be battles to be fought with it.