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I have chosen to take Bridgette Malloi's place as the new village Scion. I must travel to the ruin of Akara-Tor at the top of the northern mountains. Once I arrive, I should speak with Captain Brattigan.


The Ring of the Watchers[]

  • Once the Fateless One reaches Akara-Tor and moves past the wall of non-descript, non-interactable characters Captain Brattigan will explain that the new Scion needs to enter the Circle of Akara at the center of the ruin.
  • After approaching the Circle a cinematic begins, showing the Fateless One standing in the Circle, then being infused with a radiant red aura. Afterwards, Dead Kel appears, bitter that the Fateless One took the blessing, "his birthright," away from him.
    The baronett appears

    The Baronett

  • It seems the Baronett wants to avenge the other Hanged Men. He is a mage, and has a nasty trick up his sleeve - he summons 4 magical copies of himself. Some of the bystanders will help the Fateless One by, at least, distracting a copy or two. The easiest way to finish this is, as always, to use the Reckoning mode.
  • After the fight Quay tells the Fateless One to go into Akara-Tor with a companion. The choices are:
  • Regardless of the choice, the Twist of Fate award is always +2% XP +10% Elemental Damage and the Fateless One must always jump into the ruins of Akara-Tor.


Note: The dungeon of Akara-Tor is very long, and offers lots of opportunities for loot. Therefore, it is best to visit a merchant before entering.


The true nature of Akara

  • Akara-Tor looks like a typical Erathi ruin, decorated with the twisting red roots typical of the island of Gallows End. It's filled with Boggarts and the occasional Bog Thresh or Crudok.
  • After reaching a three-way fork, the way ahead is locked and needs to be opened by using an Erathi sigil-stone in the room to the right.
  • Finally, when the Fateless One reaches the end of the dungeon the true nature of Akara is revealed - he is, like the great Nyralim, a branch of the Ring of Keozai. Akara reveals the truth about the Scion's purpose: to unmake Dead Kel. Killing him is in the next quest, The Exiles.