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You should have better sense. Better sense than me, at the very least.


Angharad Glyndowr is a mage of the Scholia Arcana in Rathir, she has a husband and two daughters back in the city. She volunteered to help defend a supply ship going to Mel Senshir, the ship wrecking and she washed up on the shores of Gallows End.

When the Fateless One arrives on the island, Angharad made a deal with Dead Kel, she would raise a number of new Faer Gorta and he would take her back to Rathir. As raising the undead is a tough feat to achieve, she works alone deep in Mudhold Fasting. Conrad Cronberg begs the Fateless One to stop Angharad from raising more of the undead and get her to return back to Cape Solace. She can be convinced that the Fateless One has a boat and she'll drop everything and run back.


Confronted at Mudhold Fasting on Gallows End. If convinced that the Fateless One has a boat, she'll leave and head back to Cape Solace.



  • The staff can be only obtained by killing or stealing. By convincing the NPC (successful persuade), she will run towards the entry and leave the building. It can be also done later when she remains in Cape Solace.
  • She's aware of Conrad Cronberg's feelings for her, but as she has only been on the island for a few months, she still holds out hope of getting off the island.