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Journal of an anonymous traveler who was likely killed by Tuatha.


Anonymous Journal

Day 20
Finally made it to this forest, don't like it, trees everywhere to hide enemies, will have to tell Holgar. It's hard to see what's a shadow and what's a creature. Tomorrow I reach Gorhart, the last stop before the Fae lands. The trip so far has been uneventful, should be able to find work amongst these folk.

Day 25
Found work. Guarding a trader between this village and a gnome tower, his name is Wallis. Quiet town, isolated. He is afraid of the pixies hiding in the bushes. Not surprising, coming from someone who lives in the "village of cowards." Probably afraid he'll end up like Alden Gorhart's father, eaten by a barghest.

Day 27
Saw something entering an overgrown thicket on the way to Arden's, and I thought I glimpsed something shining in there, treasure perhaps? I wouldn't be so lucky, but I'll go see what I can find tomorrow.