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We are kindred spirits. We see Mitharu in gems. We seek holiness in refining them.


Ansel Wethering is a follower of Mitharu. He lives as a monk in St. Hadwyn's Mission in the very north of Glendara.

He offers Sagecrafting services for a small fee.


Come for our Sagecrafting. I can help with that. Anything else... speak with Gamian or Udo.
Brother Fallon... dead, then? A shame. He should never have left the Mission.
The news of Fallon's passing will be hard on him, I am afraid.

when asked about Brother Udo.

He has joined Mitharu now. Peace upon his soul.

when asked about Brother Fallon

Brother Gamian says it best, but in the art of working gems is all the glory of Mitharu.

when asked about Sagecrafting.

We have quiet, order, and a sagecrafter's bench. What more could I desire?

when asked about St. Hadwyn's Mission.

Forgive me. I prefer sagecrafting to conversation. More orderly and tranquil.