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Background[edit | edit source]

These lockboxes are located around the kingdom. Sealed away by the Ansilla family mage Braxis, so that only the most determined of adventurers may find the treasures.

Details[edit | edit source]

This is part of the quest The Blades and the Seal.

Locations[edit | edit source]

  1. Shining Labyrinth - The Forsaken Plain - Plains of Erathell - Random Treasure
  2. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After beginning Ghosts of Seawatch, but before releasing Conni
  3. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After completing Phase One of Ghosts of Seawatch
  4. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After completing Phase Two of Ghosts of Seawatch
  5. Seawatch - Caeled Coast - After completing Phase Three of Ghosts of Seawatch

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Ansilla Family Lockbox can only be unlocked by a specific key, given to you during The Blades and the Seal quest by Hillared Gastyr
  • Completing Drewn's quest will remove the family key from your pack and you will never get it back.
  • Each chest contains a Royal Seal of Ansilla and a set of Verdant Blades (along with a few loot items), but only one is needed to complete The Blades and the Seal quest.  Anyway, it's of questionable value to bother opening the second chest (unless someone knows of an alternate quest line that requires this).
  • The lockboxes in Seawatch respawn after each restoration phase, offering new random loot in addition to the Blades and the Seal.
  • I went to Ansilla Castle and talked to Conni and then followed the arrow to a lockbox I missed and inside was the Key to the prison.
  • After talking to Conni a second time (no dialog) she will ask you to please help her get out of the cell. This will cause a chest containing the key to spawn in another part of the castle.
  • The Royal Seal of Ansilla is considered a Quest-item and can not be sold if more than one were obtained and therefore will be forever stuck in the Inventory. It is suggested to not loot the box in Seawatch multiple times.
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