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Aye, a vile thing in Apotyre: spread like a cold, killed like a plague.

The Apotyre Sickness was a plague-like illness that killed hundreds of men, women and children in the Apotyre region of Amalur after a Motus Mining endeavor went awry and contaminated the waters of Snaketail River.

The illness began as red boils that burst upon contact, then evolved into a wet cough and bleeding of the eyes on the third day of sickness -- when the victim of the illness is well beyond saving.

The Motus Mining logs -- i.e. Motus Mining (Days 1-24) -- detail the events leading up to the disaster, and the outbreak of the illness:

Motus Mining (Days 1-24)[]

Accident Report

It happened last night, before the evening meal and before the briefing by the Scholars Jolienne and Imas. The experimental refinement unit in Snaketail Grotto has suffered a stress fracture in its base. The foundation split, causing a large amount of waste to spill into the underground lake beneath. This lake feeds right into the Snaketail River. I don't believe there is any cause for concern, but I shall keep informed of any developments.

Motus Mining (Days 25-44)[]

Administrative Memorandum

It's too late. Nothing can be done. Even now, as laborers work to control the seepage, the damage is far beyond what we can contain. The refinement unit is spilling raw, unrefined tyranium into the water supply of Apotyre, and even the village of Whitestone. Twenty deaths have been reported so far, mostly Almain and Varani workers. I fear we may need to abandon the experiment... and possibly the whole operation.

Motus Mining (Days 45-50)[]

Administrative Memorandum

The Snaketail is death, A single day of drinking water from the river will result in boils. That is how it begins: large reddish boils that explode on contact. Then the goiters begin to grow, and the lesions that seep endlessly. By the third day, when the subject develops a wet cough and his eyes bleed, it is far to late. We have buried more than one hundred miners, along with their families. Men, women and children. I wish no ill will toward the people of Apotyre, but this incident must be contained. It may injure the larger reputation of Motus Mining Interests and all of its operations across Amalur.

Motus Mining (Day 51)[]

Exit Report

It is done. Snaketail Grotto has been closed. The bodies have been buried. All obvious traces of the refinement unit disaster have been covered and sealed. If the gods are good, no one will ever question our intentions here. Motus Mining built Whitestone, and Apotyre. We will forever be servants of the people. But the time has come to move on. All operations are henceforth being moved to new sites in Hollowlands.