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A house in Rathir that can be obtained after completing the final Scholia Arcana quest Revelation. The quarters are fully equipped, and contain a Bed, a Mirror, a Stash, a craft area (smithy, alchemical lab and plants, sagecrafting bench), a treasure vault filled with random loot, and a pet Brownie zoo.

The location is first accessed during A Crowded Mind, but none of the facilities can be used, and only some treasure can be looted.


In Rathir, accessible through the Main Hall of Scholia Arcana.


Several things of note can be found in this home:


The following services can be found here besides the free bed, mirror and storage chest:


The following items found here can be looted:

  • Chest x 6 (after completing Revelation)
  • Pile x 7
  • Weapon Rack x 3


You can harvest the following reagents from your house:


  • The Archsage Quarters cannot be fast-travelled to, and entering/leaving requires 5 loading screens and lots of running.
  • The Erathi Sigil-Stones in the Brownie pen release chickens for them to feed on. There are 3 of them in that area.
  • If you attack the Brownies it is a crime and all turn hostile but as there are no witnesses, you won't be caught committing the crime.
  • There are 3 Weapons Racks and 6 Loot Piles: two Weapons Racks in the Brownie Den (one containing a third Weapon's Log), four piles in the treasury, one pile in the Brownie Den, and one by a bookshelf near the bed.