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Argine is a member of the Travelers, and is also the leader of Sun Camp. She is a Varani with a great dedication to the Hierophant, and makes sure that everyone in her camp follows its rules correctly. She is skilled in the art of persuasion, and uses this to her advantage.

It is revealed in the Travelers faction quests that she is, indeed, the Hierophant. She uses a fortress under Sun Camp as her base, which is filled with magic that allows her to see what most of the Travelers are doing at all times. On the last Travelers quest, Argine attempts to make you join her instead, and betray Grim Onwig and his team.


  • If you chose to help Argine, she continues to lead the Travelers, and Grim, along with everyone associated with him, are never seen again.
    • However, if you stay true to your friends, then Argine is blamed for taking the Missives of Sable from the Gnomes, and Praetorians take her off to Adessa Prison. Grim is then appointed the new leader of the Travelers with you being dubbed the Chariot.