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The Vorms have always been traders. I took to the sea early in my life; I always knew i was going to captain my own ship. But fate has its way with you at times. After Rathir, I needed to get as far away from the seas as I could. I do miss the ocean, but I've come to realize that there are other joys in life.


Arhaus Vorm is a former sailor and current owner of Vorm Lodge. He seems genuinely interested in helping people as they pass through The Sidhe. He has taken care of his younger brother, Sihtric Vorm, since their parents died.


As a Sagecraft Merchant, Arhaus sells the following goods:


Consumable Cost
Shadow Prism 62


Gem Type Cost
Gem of Leeching Weapon 12637
Gem of Shocking Reprisal Epic 9863
Gem of the Vanquisher Epic 9863
Gem of Justice Weapon 6410
Gem of Skill Utility 6346
Gem of Bounty Epic 5053
Crusader's Gem Utility 3687
Gem of Carnage Weapon 3553
Gem of Mending Armor 3247
Superior Gem Armor 3427
Gem of Decay Weapon 3313
Gem of Ice Weapon 3313
Gem of Lightning Weapon 3313
Stimulating Gem Utility 3313
Soothing Gem Utility 2621



Arhaus can be found at the Vorm Lodge in The Sidhe.


Welcome to our lodge. I am Arhaus Vorm. I am surprised you made it out here by yourself - the Sidhe is a dangerous place. Luca Soren, the poor soul in the next room - she did not fare so well.

upon your first meeting.

She was attacked by a thresh, normally a fatal encounter in of itself. Barely managed to make it here before passing out. If that wasn't enough, she's had a rare reaction to the thresh's usually benign venom. Only thing that will save her is a rare plant found in the Sidhe, but I cannot venture out to get one.

when asked: what happened to her?

I tried, but the forest is not like the sea. I got turned around so many times it felt like the trees were dancing around me. It is just too far in to the Sidhe - I could not make it.

when asked: why can't you go?

You will? Well, if you manage to bring me one, I'll reward you with what I can. I've heard that Searstalk grow near flowing, misting water, so you might try following the river north. I thought I heard the roar of waterfalls when I once wandered up there, but I didn't go far enough to find out - the Sidhe, you know?

when you tell him that you will get one.

She managed to tell me her name before passing out. That and a thresh had attacked her. I tried to help her as best I could, even gave her my room to recover in. But nothing has helped. I'm afraid it's only a matter of time...

when asked about Luca Soren.

My younger brother. After I went to sea, he couldn't wait to join me. Our parents wouldn't let him, said he was too young. But after they died, the sea was the only place for him to go. After the trouble in Rathir, I told him he didn't have to come with me, but he insisted that family stick together.

when asked about his brother, Sihtric Vorm.

The great Dokkalfar city in the eastern Erathell. A great port with many a profit to be found. We must have sailed in and out there more than any other port on the continent. But war has changed Rathir. They are not as... friendly as they used to be.

when asked about Rathir.

Gunnar showed up one day begging for help. Said he was a poor miner from Detyre who lost his job when his mine shut down. Not sure I believe him though. Hired him more out of pity than anything. I'm not sure he can actually do anything useful.
when asked about Gunnar Frode.
This forest has been trying to kill me ever since we got here. If it's not boggarts springing out of the bushes, it's brownies trying to take a bite out of my ass.I tell you, I much prefer the ocean. At least the things trying to eat me there are down under the water.

when asked about The Sidhe.

I haven't seen one myself, but I've heard they are dangerous things, demented trees with branches sharp as razors. Normally, they're surrounded by boggarts, so if you see any of those, keep your eyes open. A thresh may not be far behind.

when asked about the Thresh.

Another time, then.

Once completed 'Dangers of the Sidhe:

A Searstalk! I cannot believe it. Here is your reward. You more than deserve it. I shall administer this to Luca at once. The Searstalk should make quick work of the venom.

once you brought him the Searstalk.

She's made a remarkable recovery. I knew she was a fighter. I don't know what her business in the Sidhe is, but I'm hoping she might stay a while longer.

when asked about Luca Soren.

Safe travels.


Arhaus seems to be romantically attracted to Luca Soren, the Ljosalfar he asks the Fateless One to help save in Dangers of the Sidhe.