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Me and my Serabel have wandered far and wide. Driven off by the War, driven back by rogues and scoundrels.


Arick Nareen is a Ljosalfar farmer. He and his wife, Serabel are looking for the Paling Wand to restore their farm.


Arick can be found northwest of Tirin's Rest, at the northern edge of Galafor.


So you're really going for the wand? I'd go myself... if I was ten years younger and wasn't scared witless of Fae hollows.

upon your first encounter with him.

That's my pretty love. Don't know where I'd be without her.

when asked about his wife, Sarabel Nareen.

This farm isn't as it was, long ago. It's forgotten us. That's what it's done.

when asked about Nareen Farm.

Those were terrible times. What I'd like to know is why Tywili's still an ugly scar and the Forsaken Plain are worse. But here, you'd hardly know it happened.

when asked about The War.

Now a hollow never is safe place for mortals. And some years back, we stumbled into one not at all on purpose. It still wakes me from sleep.

when asked about Fae Hollows.

Lyria guide you there and safe on back again.

Once completed 'The Valley of the Blessed':

Back's sore and my heart's full. Farming's just as I remember it.
Sarabel says with the wand we'll fair all right. I'm sure she knows.

when asked about Nareen Farm.