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I find myself in charge of Aron Excavations, including a promising gnomish mine and operations office. I should survey these possessions and do what I can to improve them.


Aron Excavations is the quest associated with upgrading Aron Excavations Office and Aron Excavations Mine.


  • Visit the Office
  • Visit the Mine
  • Office Upgraded 3 times
  • Mine Upgraded 3 times

Once the Office and the Mine have been upgraded 3 times each, this Task is completed and you get XP (~250 at level 30).


Some notable loot found includes:

  • Skill Book (Mercantile) - after upgrading the Aron Excavations Office for the third time, a bookshelf on the second floor contains this skill book.


  • After each upgrade to the mine or office the player will be transported inside the respective area. Be sure to loot it in between upgrades as the loot resets after each upgrade.
  • Just like your home at Gossamer End, every upgrade is well worth the price.


  • If the mine and office are visited and upgraded before returning to Calovar and finishing Miners in the Sand, this quest (Aron Excavations) can not be completed.