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Play at Hexes, win some coin.


Aryn Kest is a poor man who lives in the lower tunnels of Rathir. He offers to gamble with a popular card game named "Hexes".


He can be found in the Lower tunnels, in the city of Rathir.


Game of Hexes, topsider? What, never played? It's easy enough. Lay down some coin. Give it a try.

upon your first encounter.

As fine a game's there is. Needs but six cards, see? No better way to win some coin, idle the hours.

when asked about the game of Hexes.

Cozy enough, isn't it? What with some found candles, a game of cards, and the occasional ranting out loud, we make do. We make do.

when asked about the Lower Tunnels.

Oh, he's a fine enough fellow. Don't you go spooking him now. Last time, he up and ran - Down.

when asked about Afan Dell.

Aye, the Lost Wends. Nothing you want down there. Beasts and cuthroats and Lupoku knows what else.

when asked about "Down".

Oh - one more game.