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I've sailed with Captain Brattigan since the beginning. My husband and I hired her to ferry us across the Phorian Strait to Adessa.


Asa Arding is a healer and wife of Thorir Arding. She and her husband have been originally purchased passage to be ferried across the Phorian Strait to Adessa by Rast Brattigan, who wrecked the ship. Asa, her husband and Brattigan spent a week floating in the open sea, becoming close. After being rescued, Asa and Thorir have been apart of Brattigan's crew ever since.

Asa and her husband managed to survive the sinking of the Calamity by Dead Kel. Washing upon the shores of Gallows End at Scuttle Beach. Unfortuantly, Asa was caught by a group of Scavs and dragged alive into Cliffbreak Fasting. She is saved by the Fateless One who was sent to search for her and her husband by Rast Brattigan in What Remains.

After being saved, she makes her way to Cape Solace, becoming a greatly needed healer at the village. She quickly finds herself adapting and enjoying the small villages castaway life, especially the peace and quiet the small village offers.


First met at Cliffbreak Fasting at Scuttle Beach in What Remains. Once rescued, she heads to Cape Solace with her husband.