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Secandra and I have discovered Arkes, the former Primos of the Kollossae, being held in a sacred temple below the Teeth of Naros. Before dying, Arkes told us that the secret to unsealing the Hyperian and stopping Anokatos involves changing the fate of the Kollossae. I should ask Secandra about Arkes' last words.


  • Talk to Secandra and ask her about the "last day." She will explain about the temples, but when you ask what to do next, she will be overtaken by powerful magic and tell you that you need to return to the city.
  • Return back to the Henge, Secandra will tell you that the city is sealed and that you should visit the two shrines.
  • Head to the Earth Shrine, toward the south, and inspect the shrine to open the Earth Shrine Caverns, which is your next destination.
  • Inside, you will find a glowing ball of light. Follow it, fighting off the enemies.The ball of light will wait in place for you if you go off the main path seeking loot in the dark. When you get to the end, unseal the earth shrine. Secandra will give set dialogue to describe to you what is now happening.
  • The glowing ball will lead you out. Just stand near the exit door without moving for a bit to activate it. Then fight the last few enemies and it's off to the Air Shrine in the far north. Having traveled the breadth of the area "finding" the Shrine and other locations prior to this will pay off at this point as you can simply fast travel from Shrine to Shrine, saving walking time.
  • Inspect the shrine to open the Air Shrine Caverns. Go in and to the left or right-hand path and stand on the wind spaces for a bit to activate the power. The activation spot to the right is guarded by sprites and primal sprites and after activation a second group of sprites appears.
  • Once both sides are activated, return to the center and head across the bridge of air. Fight off the troll and unseal the air shrine. The negative effect (Shattered Fate) will be lifted at this point from your character. A group of 5-7 Silent Choir Kollassae will attempt to stop your exiting the Shrine. Slaughter them and exit.
  • Return back to the Hyperian Temple, fight your way through the guards (and loot the containers that you could not get to the first time here). When you approach the bottom, the door will open. Go through and talk to Anokatos. He tells you that he needs to be killed to help his people.
  • Oblige him. He will teleport back to the top ledge away from you several times and will create statues that crash into you (avoidable), and will then jump back down to where you are with a giant lightning storm around him. Finally, give him his hero's sendoff (he has a unique fateshift death scene, if you choose to dispatch him that way).
  • The hyperion will be raised, but that means the temple is collapsing. You WILL be knocked down multiple times, there does not appear to be a way to avoid all the rock falls, so make sure you do not die. Loot Anokatos for the Kollossae Medallion (+5% physical damage, +10% primal damage, +18 mana).
  • Ethene will talk to you as you exit explaining that the brutality of the Kollossae has been removed and that Secandra will now be primos. She will reward you with an armour set based on your playstyle: the Remnant Armor Set, the Pteryx Armor Set, or the Primal Armor Set, depending on whether the player's playstyle was judged respectively to be Might-heavy, Finesse-heavy, or Sorcery-heavy. The Fateless One will also receive the Twist of Fate - Herald Of The Gods - +2% XP, +5% bleeding damage resistance.
  • After exiting the Hyperian Temple, talking with Secendra will finish this quest ((XP and Gold, both level-based ~ 40300 gp at level 40). Once back at Idylla, three(3) new side quests will be available - Circles of Strife, Dramatis Personae & the Sewer Run — and one last task - The Great Game.


  • (PS3) When facing Anokatos, he freezes Secandra, and once you are about to fight him, she talks to you and you're stuck in the corner and Anokatos will not attack you but he will not die. There is no known fix for this. When you quit the game and load it up again, you will be stuck on the loading screen, the game won't recognize your save or it won't recognize the DLC.
  • (PC) When returning to check up on Idylla before entering the earth temple, sometimes you find that you are stuck talking to Secandra with no way to cease the chat.
  • (probably all platforms) Secandra has to follow you all the way to the final room. You may want to make a double save before you enter the Hyperian temple, because sometimes it happens that Secandra doesn't follow you, which is likely caused by progressing a bit into the temple and then leaving and returning back again. If Secandra doesn't follow you to the final room, after Anokatos freezes her and you kill him, she won't initiate her dialogue line and you won't be able to finish the quest at all, leaving Anokatos' dead body marked as a yellow circle on the map.
  • (PS3) After defeating Anokatos, the quest refuses to be completed. Secandra will no longer follow you, and if you go back down to where you faced Anokatos, statues will be hurtled at you.