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I'm a merchant, originally of Culn, and I have seen my share of grief.


Atheof Cegren is an Almain refugee that can be found in the village of Tirin's Rest. He came along with his daughter Anela from Culn, a village destroyed by the Tuatha.

Atheof asks for the Fateless One's help to find his daughter, since Anela and several refugees went back to Culn in the hopes of winning back their home.


He can be found just outside the Locksmith shop, within Tirin's Rest.



Please, can't you help? I need someone to travel to the Tywili Coast. It's my daughter...

upon your first encounter with him.

Anela led a group of refugees to the town of Culn. I warned her not to go, but she's always been a strong-willed girl. I should have heard from her by now, and the caravaners say that bands of Tuatha have landed on the coast! If anything happened to Anela, I don't know what I'd do. Please, help me.

when asked: What happened to your daughter?

It's been ten years since we drove the Tuatha from these lands, and still the refugees are living in tents on the Forsaken Plain. They've talked of resettling Culn. Anela took up their cause and agreed to lead them there.

when asked: What refugees?

You will? At last! Mitharu bless you, friend! Anela led the refugees to the ruins of Culn on the Tywili Coast. Look for her there. If she's hurt, bring her back safely. If she's dead....

if chosen the response: I will find Anela.

I know what Culn meant to her. She was just a child when we fled. But this... this is folly!

when asked about Anela.

The village stood along the Tywili Coast, overlooking the sea. It was one of the first places to fall when the Tuatha invaded. Culn has been abandoned for years, and it's a place best forgotten. Anela was determined to rebuild it, though.

when asked about Culn.

Even though the Tuatha army is held inside Klurikon, small groups can sneak through the mountains and across the water. It's happened before. If the rumors are true, Anela and the refugees will be right in the path of any raiders.

when asked about the Tuatha Raiders.

It's the land that lies along the western edge of the Phorian Strait. The coast bore the brunt of the Tuatha invasion ten years ago.

when asked about the Tywili Coast.

This is my adopted home. The people have been good to me, here. But there is no use talking to them of... certain things. I gave up trying, long ago.

when asked about Tirin's Rest.

The ruins lie south of Rathir and the old battleground. If there's trouble, the settlers may have hidden. Possibly in the village.

when asked: Where is Culn?

Please... find my daughter.


  • Persuasion check gives 932 gold and two repair kits. If suceeding the attempt he'll say: "It seems I have no choice. If you're willing to go, I'll give you what I can."