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I am, in fact, aware that I am a gnome, and that this is Rathir. Don't think every half-drowned sailor who stumbled in here hasn't made that joke? If you must know, Adessa and I did not suit each other. And I am very good at counting. Counting is the key thing in a customs house.


Augusta Adele is a gnome citizen of Rathir. She can be found at the Customs House in the Lower City.


Are you a trader, a captain, what? Do you have any business at all in the customs house?

upon your first encounter.

You're standing in it. Or hadn't you noticed? And I can't imagine why you are if you haven't any cargo going in or out of Rathir.

when asked about the Customs House.

Have you any notion the sum total of crates that enter and exit Rathir's port on a given day? I do. I know the profit and cost to the city, the average writs of trade per season. The escrow on accounts held. This is what I know of Rathir.

when asked about Rathir.

I was born and raised ther. My father was something of a scandalous wretch. Everything there is extremely large, though we as a people are small.

when asked about Adessa.

Now where was I? Four and twenty, five and twenty....