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"The Well brought you back, eh? The rest of us aren't that lucky".

Aura Hanri


Aura Hanri is one of the gnomes working at Allestar on the project of the Well of Souls. She is an alchemist, although it is not certain what functions she performed at the Tower.


Unfortunately the Tower is under siege by some mysterious warriors, and the Fateless One first meet her at the top of the Well, taking care of some of the wounded gnomes. Not long after, she and the other survivors are forced to flee to the forest glade, since the menace has reached the highest levels of the structure.


Out of the Darkness[]

Allestar Tower[]
  • "I've got a lot of wounded gnomes to take care of".
  • "If you can walk, you don't need my help".
Allestar Glade[]
  • "Thank Mitharu, another survivor. Are there any more?"
  • "The Well was a beautiful dream - an end to death, a cure to tragedy. It would have made war pointless. It could have saved the world. We should have known it was too good to exist. Now our friends have paid the price".
  • "Who know why the Tuatha hate mortals. Who knows why the Fae do half of the things they do?"
  • "This was supposed to be a nice, isolated grove. So much for that".
  • "You don't see many Fateweavers nowdays, but they were very popular when I was a girl. My parents even hired one to advise them on raising my sister and me. But these days, you're lucky if you can find a single Fateweaver in a big city. Most have been run out of town".

Personality and Traits[]

She is a very spirited, focused, and multifaceted gnome.

Being a scholar of alchemy, due the recent events, she was forced to become a sort of nurse for the praetorians and the other gnomes wounded by the Tuatha attack.

Aura had great faith and respect for the Well of Souls, as well as for its inventor, Fomorous Hugues. She has a sister who previously worked at the Tower as well, Nanne Hanri, but was expelled for unknown reasons. She now manages the Golden Age Alchemy, a shop in the nearby settlement of Gorhart.