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I'm here from Adessa, on business. The rest of my expedition was wiped out by the ettin.


Avicenn was leading an expedition looking for the artifact known as Shine and Shadow. However during his journey, his party was wiped out by the Ettin. He currently waits for a someone to assist and continue his quest.


He can be found in Holnstead, within Ettinmere.



Only one head, by the mercy of the gods. I thought my time had come at last. Fate does not seem to hold much stock in my expedition, but it leaves me alive to see its utter failure through to the end.
Can't say I know all that much about the old man other than he is a fisherman here in Ettinmere. He is quite a hospitable man though. He let me stay here without much question.

when asked about Enconeg Holn.

Their impudence seems tied to their devotion. From what I can tell, a small number of prominent shamans are rallying them. If someone had a head on their shoulders and a blade, then toppling those shamans would help pacify the area...

when asked about the ettin.

I came here strictly for research purposes. This is not a place many people would come on their own accord.

when asked about Ettinmere.

I was leading an expedition to recover a pair of Erathi artifacts known only as "Shine and Shadow." I've spent the last decade researching them. Texts say the artifacts are powerful, but what they can do is never explicitly stated. Regardless, the Templars feel it best to place such items under their guard. But the ettin have hit us hard. And it's said that the artifacts are guarded in Dellach by an ancient, powerful shaman of their kind. I'm... at a loss for what to do...
These are Shine and Shadow? I was sent to recover artifacts of importance, not simple weapons! The Templars are going to think me a fool. How am I to return to them with these?

when you bring him the daggers.

There's like to be more dignity in returning empty-handed rather than bringing back such a small trinket. If you want them, they are yours. And I suppose I promised compensation in return for your service. I can't say I'm happy about it, but here's you coin. Now leave me be.

if succeeded in persuasion attempt.

Those brutes can't even imitate proper society for five minutes without some manner of civil collapse. Thank you for keeping them that way.

when asked about the ettin after finishing his quest

My business is done here. I'm getting out of this horrible place and traveling back to Adessa.

when asked about Ettinmere after finishing his quest.

I had expected that they might be something like miniature sun - a battery which held an intense magical reservoir. The Scholia Arcana had theorized about these kinds of objects, but I thought - I hoped the gnomes might have discovered them first.

when asked about Shine and Shadow after finishing his quest.

I'm off to Adessa to bring them the sad news of the expedition.