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A Kollossae hermit, Hystis, living in an old abandoned Jottun camp has asked me to complete a few tasks for him. I should retreive his family ring from his brother, Heliodorus, take his journal to his old comrade, Dareios, and finally got to his wife, Korrinna, and convince her to go to him.


  • Talk to Hystis, in Hystis' Camp,in the north-west of the Teeth of Naros. He will ask you to perform three labors :
    1. Retrieve his family ring : Talk to Heliodorus, in The Living Quarters. You can persuade him (66% at level 10) to give the ring to Hystis or buy the ring from him. Either way, he will give you the key to a chest (you can also pickpocket the key off him) that you can then open.
    2. Deliver his journal : Dareios can be found in Berenike's Camp
    3. Convince his wife to join him : Talk to Korrinna, on the Idylla Concourse. You can persuade her (87% at level 10) to join her husband.
  • Return to Hystis to receive your reward (XP and Gold, both level-based ~ 4800 gp at level 40 - And the Kollossae Sandals : 46 defense, +10% Mana Regen per Sec, +8% damage resistance while dodging, +1 health/s, +8% elemental resistance). You can also persuade him to put off joining the Jottun (66% at level 10).

Notable Loot[]

In the chest with the family ring is a random unique item.


  • This quest can only be taken after Rites of Passage, because Hystis won't show up before then.
  • It's strange that even if the Fateless One told Secandra to kill all the remaning Jottun (in Rites of Passage), Hystis still wants to join them. But he comments this saying "but I would think a people so focused on gods and faith would have shown a little mercy. If the Jottun are spared, his words are "it was right to grant them mercy."
  • Korrinna never seems to actually join Hystis at camp. After a successful persuasion attempt she says she'll head down to him after she settles some things, but doesn't say what those things are. Afterwards when going back to Hystis to get the reward he states that Korrinna isn't there and that she must have made her choice. If you tell him that she is coming Hystis will decide to wait for her.